What is an SA302 Tax Calculation and How Can It Help You?

The SA302 is an official HMRC tax calculation that can be used to prove your income once you have filed your self-assessment. You can use this return to show up to four years of income taxes, which can be useful if you're self-employed and applying for a mortgage. The best way to get a copy of your tax calculation will depend on how you file your self-assessment tax return. The SA100 is the official name of the main tax return form that individuals must complete each tax year.

Once you have filed your tax return, HMRC will be able to calculate your total income for that year and the taxes due. People who have no income or who have very simple income from a job usually don't need to complete a tax return. For the self-employed and those with multiple sources of income, the SA302 provides a detailed summary of their income for a given fiscal year. This document is issued as a result of the process and mortgage lenders accept it as proof of their income for that year.

The general description of the tax calculation and the tax year provides the lender with proof of your earnings and, of course, it must be the same as the income entered on the mortgage application form. Your tax year summary (TYO) indicates the status of your tax payments and the information should be correlated with your SA302 for the same period. If you or your accountant use commercial software to file your return, you must use that software to print your tax calculation. Form SA302 shows a person's or company's tax breakdown and shows earnings based on their last self-assessment tax return. While the HMRC tax calculation is definitive proof of your income, there may be times when your tax return isn't ready to be filed yet or the tax year isn't over yet.

If you're self-employed or are a director of a company, you'll most likely have to file a tax return every year that includes all your income.

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